The official world beatbox champions – The Beatbox Collective (TBC) as seen on TFI Friday’s 20th anniversary “How amazing was that? That was unbelievable” Chris Evans, dubbed “The new rockstars of the music world” by BBC World News after going viral on the BBC News and quoted as an “astounding talent” by EdFest Mag following their 5* awarded show. This super human group have collectively won nearly every beatbox competition on the planet, alongside many notable accolades with a TED talk under their belt and a self written 5 star awarded show “What’s Your Sound?” “If you didn’t think you were a beatbox fan before, they will prove you wrong” Edfest Mag.

Ball-Zee, Bass6, Bellatrix, BFG, Experimental, Hobbit and MC Zani formed this unique collaboration The Beatbox Collective in 2012 atShambala festival on the main stage. They have since gone onto an incredible journey together performing around the globe and were crowned the official World Beatbox Champions in 2015, creating new paths of communication and music using the these insane vocal powers.

With over 15 years worldwide professional experience from festivals to awards shows, collaborating with a wide range of artists, creating national TV advertisements, running workshops, team building and musical therapy sessions. Rapid recognition for this rare breed of musicians from around the world, associated scenes, peers and productions, they have showcased at the highest level of events. Ranging from the World Beatbox, BBoy and World DMC Championships and featured in many favourite festival fields at Glastonbury, Boomtown, Bestival, Lovebox and Secret Garden Party to name a few… the range of venues and format extends from charity events at Sotheby’s next to a Monet painting to N-Powers head office to promote the Commonwealth games.


They have headlined the London Acapella festival as well as major Acapella festivals in Denmark, Germany and Spain, opened award ceremonies from New York to Mexico City, launched a new car brand with Toyota’s Aygo, live TV interviews on BBC World News, BBC News and London Live, a double performance on TFI’s 20th Anniversary and re-creating famous sport themes on BBC’s Question of Sport (Sport Relief 2018). The Beatbox Collective have covered the airwaves with talks, interviews and jingles on Capital FM Breakfast show, Radio 5 live, BBC London, Talk Radio, BBC Radio 1xtra and BBC Radio 1. Recently performed on the incredible Young Voices tour for 2 years running playing at Manchester, Sheffield, Birmingham Genting and O2 Arenas. Here they created the largest beatbox battle in history with nearly 20,000 people a night and a total of 400,000 people in 20 days as well as taking this to the Barclaycard Arena in Hamburg and even gracing the Royal Albert Hall. If there is a record to be set, they are doing it!

Off the stage they record voice overs, sound fx and write music and sketches as well as idents for brands and jingles for commercials. They most recently wrote and recorded the jingle for Domino’s national advert campaign for The Voice.

Their live performances must be seen to believed! Expect the unexpected with out of this world soundscapes combined with some physical theatrics, originally composed musical pieces and recognise well known medleys that will rattle your ribcage, shake up your chakras and melt your mind! Performing at the BFI Gala Jonathan Ross quoted “Its incredible what they do just with their mouths” This is the group Britain’s Got Talent want every year with the wide range of dynamics they deliver.